Main Job

Mandiri Amal Insani Foundation as the Institute for Zakat Management Unit pass of events / activities in the social sector with the principal task of which is divided into appropriate job descriptions as the next Organization Structure :

  • Fundrasing, in charge of fundraising Zakat and Sadaqah Infaq of the Muzakki, with the main target throughout the Muslim Employees Bank Mandiri in Head Office, Regional Offices, Branch Offices and Employees of the Company who are located around the bank building with raising strategies, among others:
  1. Standing Instructions : cutting employee salaries regularly monthly amount in accordance with an agreement with  Muzakki of MAI Foundation.
  2. e-Banking : Muzakki do directly through the bank channel electronic means ie; ATM, SMS Banking, Internet Banking and Phone Banking.
  3. Zakat Expo : specific activities in the framework of the fund raising done by socialization through exhibition or presentation.
  4. Special Event: an integrated activity in channeling funds to mustahik with the aim to raise funds directly from the Muzaki
  • Program and Distribution, in charge of channeling Zakat, Sadaqah Infaq and collected from the Muzakki to eight (8) asnaf mustahik as Allah SWT which are described in the Qur’an (Surah At-Tauba: 60) “Indeed, charity is only for the indigent person, the poor, amil zakat, which softened his heart (a convert), to liberate a slave, for memebebasklan people who owe, to the way of God and to those who were on the way, as an obligation from Allah. Allah is Knowing, Supreme Wise.”

MAI Foundation Reforms Program is divided into five (5) program activities, namely the Science Development Program, Economic Development Program, Social Affairs Program, Health Development Program, and Physical Infrastructure Program.


In the process to achieve the maximum results, the program and distribution division has been assisted by the Board of Syaria and equipped with a survey unit, unit assessments and monitoring unit.

  • Accounting and Finance, in charge in recording the receipts of Zakat, Infaq and Sodaqoh which collected from the Muzakki and Zakat expense account, Infaq and Sodaqoh to eight (8) asnaf mustahik. Management and financial recording is done in an orderly manner to monitor and record any good reception made through Standing Instruction (periodic), or shows that are tentative, namely via e-Banking as well as with special events. As for all other parts of the implementation in the field of control by QAC, specialized financial field inspection / review by an external unit that is by the public accounting firm of Syariah.
  • Administration and Employment, in charge of asset management that includes asset MAI Foundation personnel, administration and the public in order to support the implementation of each activity MAI Foundation conducted internally or externally. Asset management personnel do to encourage every employee be professional and have high integrity and reliable. So, MAI Foundation  can be the good, professional and trusted institution by Muzakki and Mustahik. The asset management administration is done to help the tasks of all units within MAI Foundation becomes easier.
  • Quality Assurance Compliance, supervises the work unit to prevent MAI Foundation took the decision that it contains elements of deviation / violation of the principles of prudence and compliance with internal and external regulations that apply to the steps:
  1. Identify and analyze the implementation of the principle of compliance, and provide recommendations for improvement to irregularities
  2. Review and analyze the draft / draft regulations will be published and give opinions based regulations that apply before the plan is implemented.
  3. Coordinate follow-up report (progress report) on the findings of internal audit and external audit
  • IT & Corporate Secretary, in charge of maintaining IT and buliding good relationships also communicate any activities MAI Foundation to the general public especially the Muzaki to stay in touch, among :
  1. Maintenance Equipment and IT Infrastructure
  2. IT Project Management
  3. Activity sponsorship & Prepare and implement events (exhibitions, seminars, events non Funding)
  4. Supervise the suitability branding agency in communication products well centered institutions, branches and networking program
  5. Determine and establish a relationship with Ambassador of MAI
  6. Doing reportage, interviews, and data collection activities of the institution for the purposes of writing and public activity relation
  7. Managing the web of MAI and Social Media
  8. Muzakki Communication
  9. Supervise the design and Brand Images institutions
  10. Responsible for the publication
  11. Preparing content of press releases to the print and electronic media.
  12. Fostering good relationships with print and electronic media.
  13. Make Agenda Institute and oversee the implementation of the work culture MAI
  14. Setting up a souvenir: Souvenir truly represent the image of the institution as an institution serving the Ummah
  15. Advocacy interests of the institution to external conditions
  • Board of Syariah, providing syariah opinion related to the implementation of tasks for all of the MAI Foundation to not against the Islamic Law.
  • Costumer Relation Management dan Treasury, serve mustahik and muzakki, includes a call for proposals, the petition Standing Instruction, as well as complaints. It also manages Petty Cash for the operations of the institution.